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Because the government was very much influenced by the Church, it did not allow this novel to be presented for the European Literary Prize.

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Inside the asylum, the reader follows the harrowing account of a small group of internees led by the Doctor’s Wife, who is the only person to retain her eyesight.

The white blindness spreads at a seemingly exponential rate to the point that the whole world has fallen victim to the “white evil.” Once the number of quarantined individuals accumulates in the asylum, social order crumbles and morality disintegrates, for even the Doctor’s Wife balances on the cusp of right and wrong.

Although these prisoners try to approach their providers without provoking attack, their blindness prevents them from knowing whether they will be shot for making a wrong move.

Acquiring the daily rations most often ends in violence or verbal abuse from the military.

António de Rigueiredo, a Portuguese dissident, recounts his experience in Tarrafal, “After 1945, as soon as the regime felt sure of its survival and new alliances, it passed from arbitrary but casual repression to a scientific system” of incarcerating individuals (quoted in Frier).

Another prisoner recalls that the only doctor in Taraffal neglected prisoners and allowed them to die in the unsanitary conditions of the prison (Frier).Before marrying his first wife Ilda Reis in 1944, he began working as an administrative civil servant for the Social Welfare Service.Three years later he published his first book, The Land of Sin, though his initial literary endeavors were not very successful.Saramago was highly distrusting of the Salazar regime and government, so he joined the Portuguese Communist Party in 1969. Within the last few years of Salazar’s rule, Saramago worked for two Lisbon newspapers, Diário de Lisboa and, later, Diário de Nóticias.He lost his job from the latter in 1975 after the new anti-Communist government had come into power.Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student.This is not an example of the work produced by our Essay Writing Service.His father had served in the French military during World War I, and he decided to pursue a career in law enforcement in Lisbon, Portugal’s capital.Their way of living had greatly improved because of his new job, but they remained poor regardless of a new home.Though the victims of the “white evil” in Blindness were not interned for any political reason, they experienced many of the same abuses by the military; their force was a direct order from the government as well as out of fear of being contaminated.A sergeant on assignment tells his soldiers after he has killed an internee, “From now on, we shall leave the containers at the halfway point, let the/m come and fetch them, we’ll keep them under surveillance, and at the slightest suspicious movement, we fire” (Saramago 84).


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