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The more educated a person the higher is the chances of her or his success in life. Education helps us to lead a good and healthy life.

Education helps us to know uses of various types of food and how to consume them.

Teachers and professors play a very important role in our life by teaching us various important and specialized subjects.

Education helps us to know rules and regulations and makes us responsible citizens of our country.

It shows us how to obey laws of the society and laws of the land we dwell.

Education is very important because it also helps us become rich.

Our quest for knowledge is unending and will continue till planet Earth exists. In broader terms, education means acquiring various skills in diverse fields that are vital to our life and very existence.

Everyone speaks about education and its importance. These skills can be acquired by classroom training and during course of our life.

All great leaders of this world, scientists, doctors and engineers are educated people.

Therefore, we can see that education also helped shape the modern world as we can see it today. What we learn during our childhood stays with us all life, even if we forget complicated lessons taught in schools and colleges.


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