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Demi started performing at a young age she was seven years old.At this stage demi would be growing steadily and her head will be 90% of adult size, even though she still had a lot of growing up to do.

Additionally she needs to be able to cope with negatives and positives of the outcome of the game (emotional development). On the other hand when getting older she may learn from unnecessary behaviour which can lead to a few issues.

Social and Emotional development- Demi has to cope with her own feelings and also the feeling of others which means she has to learn a new skill such as having table manners.

She played the piano and the guitar, and she is an accomplished singer/songwriter.

Demi Lovato believed she was born with an eating disorder at this stage of her life she should be having fun but instead she felt depressed at a very young stage in her life she did not go to school and just locked herself away from everyone and kept everything to herself this led to her harming herself.

Around 6 months her vision is more fully developed. Social and Emotional Development- Demi is now able to develop her parents trust and meeting their needs and wants such as changing diapers being fed when she is hungry and being comforted when she is sad.

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Intellectual development- at this stage Demi is more talkative and she begins to say a few words such as ‘mama’. Demi is able to cry in different ways to show what she is feeling. When Demi gets frightened she cries and look afraid, this is to show how Demi is feeling anger, pain and hunger.

She coo’s and gurgles and she is able to explore her hands and feet. This is to show how Demi is communicating she also gets very sensitive and without difficulty gets excited or upset.

Demi is able to feel secure when her parents give her a hug and comfort her.

When Demi reaches this age she is able to play together and join in team games.

At the age of 10 Demi will begin to cope with her feelings.


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