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From this we know that behaviourists are on the side of nature in the “nature vs. In comparison bio psychologists will be firmly on the side of nurture.

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Bio psychologists try to explain behaviour via the functioning of the brain but behaviourists explain it via our environment. The rat is rewarded by the dispensing of food pellets 3.

Frederic Skinner had an extreme viewpoint when it came to psychology and developed a behaviourist approach called radical behaviourism; this states that only scientific methods should be used to investigate human and animal behaviour. The rat presses the lever and food is automatically dispensed. When the rat becomes hungry again it presses the lever 5.

Behavioural therapies are quick and require less effort for the patient, unlike the cognitive behavioural therapy.

Describe and evaluate the Behaviourist Approach The basic assumption of the behaviourist approach is that all behaviour is learned through experiences a person has in their environment.

In the Skinner Box the rat is learning through reinforcement of a behaviour which supports Skinners theory.

The evidence shows that it is possible to learn through association and reinforcement of behaviours.

It also assumes that the environment is the sole determining factor in behaviour.

There are two main theories that fall under the behaviourist approach: classical and operant conditioning.

Finally, as the patient slowly moves forward the hierarchy they would eventually master their feared situation and be cured from that phobia.

Moreover, one strength for the systematic de-sensitisation is the appropriateness in the treatment of anxiety-related disorders.


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