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If we take a deeper look and compare their creative work we will find a lot of things and thoughts that are common for both writers. Shelley as the basis for comparison of her work with that of E. So the creature was like a toy for him and the same happens to Gluck’s music that is accepted by public only like an amusement, one more thing that should entertain people and nothing more but it means everything for Gluck himself as well as for the creature – his birth is not a game it is his life and both of them can not change anything or, it’s better to say, they can not change themselves.Thus, in these two works we see that the dreams of Victor Frankenstein and Gluck remains unrealized and, probably, misunderstood and they are disenchanted that is why V. May be at first, it won’t be quite simple to find anything in common between these works but when we analyze them more thoroughly we will see that some parts of them are really close to each other. Volkmar Sander, Continuum Publishing, New York, 1982 The Gothic Quest, A History of the Gothic Novel, Montague Summers, The Fortune Press, London, 1969 (1968).But it was quite different reading in comparison with previous epochs because if earlier people mainly created books which could be read only by few and the topics were not very interesting for an average person.

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A very quick spread of printing and, consequently, the appearance of great reading audience, due to the growth of number of educated people led to the appearance of new trends and genres in literature.

The great shift that I have just described was one of the main reasons of invention of such new and a bit unusual (for the literature of that time) genre as the gothic novel. It originates from folk tales, medieval romances, translations of Eastern legends enriched by various experiments of modern authors.

I had desired it with an ardour that far exceeded moderation; but now that I have finished, the beauty of the dream vanished, and breathless horror and disgust filled my heart.” Next, I would like to analyze “The Sand Man” by E. One more common thing for both of these works is the role of women in them.

In “The Sand Man” the mother and the nurse of the principal character inspired him to look for the creature and, to some extent, they are also guilty in the tragedy that happened when boy was waiting for the sand man. “Frankenstein: Case Studies in Contemporary Criticism” (2000) E. Also we mustn’t forget that the monster demanded a mate for himself, a woman in order not to be alone in the world and the refuse of the scientist to create it provoked the revenge of the creature that ended only with the death of Frankenstein that meant the lost of last hope and the eternal solitude of the monster: “He is dead who called me into being; and when I shall be no more the very remembrance of us both will speedily vanish. Their style may seem different but the genre makes their masterpieces closer to each other. I shall no longer see the sun or stars, or feel the wind play on my cheeks. Both of them write about people and creatures that could be ideal or were intended to be and the characters dreamed about some ideal but, unfortunately, their dreams didn’t realize and at the and failure waited for them. At the same time, not the least role plays a woman in “Frankenstein”. Firstly the death of Victor Frankenstein’s wife made him mad and on recovering he began to chase the creature trying to kill it. The circumstances may vary but the corner stone of the plot remains unchangeable: a character fights against supernatural forces in abnormal situations. Both of them are not generally accepted by people: Gluck creates music that other people do not appreciate and they avoid it and Frankenstein is a monster that only frightens people and is alone in this world as well as the musician Gluck.Naturally, this type of novels became very interesting and popular among readers and many authors sharpened their skills in writing such works. I think they are both alone and the only difference between them is that the isolation of Gluck is caused by his inner world, his desire to create his own not ‘very popular’ music, and the isolation of Frankenstein is caused by his outer traits, by his appearance.Almost two hundred years ago, world literature was swarming.At this period of time the publishing business began to be profitable.Frankenstein says: “I had worked hard for nearly two years, for the sole purpose of infusing life into an inanimate body. First of all, I think it is necessary to underline that the main characters feel guilty in terrible events that happened to their closest relatives. For this I have deprived myself of rest and health. So Victor Frankenstein realizes that he is responsible for the death of his younger brother and his bride Elisabeth while the principal character of “The Sand Man” blames himself in the death of his own father who died when he tried to save his son from the sand man as well as Victor understands that his creature killed his relatives because of him.


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