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In the short story “Harrison Bergeron” by Kurt Vonnegut I perceive the theme to be the importance of individuality, and a need for individual difference for fear of losing our humanity when nowadays equality for all is an issue. People have always been different and will always tend to remain that way.

Individualism is a doctrine and marks the differences between people recognizing the value of diversity in modern society.

If they were not heavy enough they had to wear handicap bags full of birdshot, and this is the case of the ballerinas.

They were required by law to wear them at all times.

We are more conscious about the differences in our society and we try to change the norms, the rules and those inequalities that may give some people certain status.

In Harrison Bergeron , everyone is equal; everybody has the same opportunities to do what they want.There will never be a society where everyone is equal. Diana Moon Glampers enforces her authority and murders Harrison and the ballerina?She is afraid that she will lose her power over the people.Vonnegut effectively uses irony, symbolism, and point of view to express his theme that even though the people resemble equality, they are not free.Although the society portrays the people as equals, the people are stripped of their natural abilities and held prisoner to the government.She does not understand why her husband has to wear his handicap bag since he does not compete wit ... Essay, Research Paper Harrison Bergeron by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.It is the irony that with these restrictions, Hazel and George did not even know that their own son was murdered.Harrison wanted to be free, free of the burden set by the government.This proves that not everyone is equal, no matter how many handicaps imprison the body.Hazel cares deeply for her husband, she wants him to feel free of the "forty-seven pounds of birdshot" around his neck.


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