Essay On How Can We Save Our Earth

Essay On How Can We Save Our Earth-2
However, maybe just by changing the overall attitude of the population, the results will change too.

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“If something made the economy…larger, we generally assented,” and that is the problem.

Obviously, the reckless attitudes of humans are becoming more and more apparent as our planet plummets deeper into peril.

People should know the negative impact of throwing away a water bottle or newspaper, purchasing meat from the grocery store or consuming gasoline has on the environment, and many do not.

By informing society about how their decisions affect the environment, we can help save our planet grown to about 9 billion.

“For us to wait for legislation or technology to solve the problem of how we’re living our lives suggest we’re not really serious about changing¬¬— something our politicians cannot fail to notice” (Pollan 510). Being eco-friendly does not have to mean being costly.

In fact, many steps toward saving the environment will save money overtime.

Maybe it the impossible can be done; maybe the damage can be reversed and this planet will last as long as it needs to.

Saving the planet on an individual level is worth the effort.

It is time to “save our planet”; an “SOP” is in order.

It is easy to think that one person’s efforts are pointless in the scheme of things, but maybe not.


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