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Governments, instead of using military force continuously, governments should look for the issues, which are causing the warfare.

Therefore, governments would have more options such as embargoes, negotiations, or actions from the United Nations. that they are a positive, effective organization that has a reason to exist.

Most of the book is focused on him learning how to read and write in prison and all the awful things that happen there.

These books were marvelous representations of the authors, Jeannette Walls and Jimmy Santiago Baca, lives.

I don't think that any one person made the world a better place.

One person will come up with a concept, but it takes followers to make it a reality. “A Place to Stand” is about a boy who grows up without his parents around and eventually ends up in a maximum security prison for selling drugs.They had many negative things happen to them through out there life but tiny machines out of practically atoms at the unique nanoscale can be built in different ways, leading to different structures, and can benefit humans in a variety of ways.If it is implemented, nanotechnology will change the world into a better place to live in due to all medical, technological, and energy efficient advances that would be made.In poor regions, children are always the first victims of war.Often times, they are forced to become soldiers by their governments, or rebels for the opposing sides.This helps encourage people who don’t want the hassle of being a member but can still feel like they are helping a good cause by giving money.interaction focuses on how a job can be done better, how best to structure an organization or build a new product (Miller, 2012).When my mother saw beggars standing on the intersection asking for help, my mom would try to help them by giving them the money, but my father would argue that you should not help because this would only encourage them to rely on other people’s help.My father says they should helped by the government, instate of helped by individuals. I disagree with both of them because they do not look at or think about the problem closely enough.If we work together, we may be able to help each other and make this world better.In my opinion, there are several solutions that poor countries and wealthy countries working together could implement that would benefit both.


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