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This is in stark contrast to the reception one typically gets as a lone defender.These reactions to Tanner are generated from the way in which Tanner views himself.

He says to Ann, “I have become a reformer, and like all reformers, an iconoclast.

I no longer break cucumber frames and burn gorse bushes: I shatter creeds and demolish idols” (367).

During the late 19th Century and Early 20th century, George Bernard Shaw was an active member often using his dramatic works as a vessel by which he could communicate his political views.

In the setting of Jack Tanner is an unconventional character at a time when convention dictated action. As a confirmed bachelor, he preaches free love and constantly decries the institution of marriage. This book details opinions on many controversial topics from the overthrowing of governments to the role of women in the daily life.

Of course one does not take them seriously; but they are very disagreeable, and rather in bad taste” (376).

Regardless of her own motivations at that time, she wanted nothing to do with Tanner’s support.

However, he repeatedly demonstrates that this is not the case. Even though he claims that he disliked her, he somehow always attends to her.

He claims to be an intellectual but is corrected by his chauffer when quoting Beaumarchais.

Were Tanner to be an ubermensch by the definition of Nietzsche, it is conceivable that he might have been able to pull off a social revolution without subtlety.

The main characteristic of the ubermensch is that he/she acts in accordance with his or her desires.


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