Essay On Organizational Management

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The form is based largely on the supervisor’s opinion and personal observations without providing clear examples of the problems that exist.

For instance, the employee’s attitude is questioned and the neatness of his desk is two of the greatest areas of opportunity.

This suggests to the employee that the evaluation is not important and is a false requirement with no real meaning behind it.

Employees and supervisors need to understand the importance of this process for increasing productive and efficiency through describing areas of employee opportunity.

Financial management is concerned with the acquisition (investment), financing (arranging funds), and management of assets with some overall goal in mind.

Financial management will then be able to analyse these financial information’s to predict likely future results and to plan more carefully their proposed course of action. Assets that cannot be economically justified, may be reduced, eliminated or replaced. Invest­ment decisions begin with a determination of the total amount of assets required by the firm and to determine the money value of the same.Currently, the form is very ineffective because it does not accurately gauge the employee’s work ethic; it concentrates more on aesthetics and personal relationship with co-workers than production.Oftentimes there are several types of bias that exist in the implementation of performance evaluation forms.However, the form does not take into consideration the current relations that exist that have impacted the employee’s attitude from his co-workers playing jokes on him.The form does not concentrate on the employee’s organization; instead, it merely concentrates on neatness which is a completely separate concept.This can be validated because the current form only rates whether the work was completed well or not; it does not ask specific rating questions to determine areas of strength and opportunity for the employee.Secondly, the current evaluation form includes a natural bias that has been built into the form and is clearly present given this situation.Two other key citizenship concepts, relational ties and citizen rights, are described, and a set of ten research propositions is offered relating the citizenship concepts to one another.Suggestions for other areas of investigation are also provided.


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