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Surely there are tens of thousands of serviceable Carousels at work today, and they won't be soon junked, especially as long as the weakest digital projector retails for five times the price of a Carousel.

For many years, dual Carousels and twin projection screens have been a hallmark of sessions at the Geological Society of America.

But here's an important difference between the media: at the Geological Society of America, the "speaker ready room" is actually a large room filled with projectors and light tables.

This is where presenters actually create the final form of their "papers." Of course, there is no paper.

Some Dental Board Certification examinations require that candidates send an undeveloped roll of film of their patient cases to be processed by the examiners independently and projected simultaneously with identical slides processed by the candidate on exam day. By taking on digital projection without an alternative are we throwing out the baby with the bathwater ?

-- Patrick Sequeira (email) It is interesting the first response should come down to image integrity.

-- Edward Tufte It is certainly the case that digital projection shares many of the problems of analog (e.g.: where are the switches for the house lights? However, the upside-down or backwards problem has tended to be a matter of training.

All the geologists I know place a dot on each slide to indicate orientation (if right- handed, your thumb covers the dot as you drop it into the slide tray).

However, with a pure digital format we can start do do some interesting meta data checking on files as they are shared. The validity of an original document is called into question, when documents on computers are easily copied, modified, shared and even lost.

My thought was that the academic world needs its very own Gnutella network with a layer of secure author control over file versioning.


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