Essay On Service Learning

Make sure that you select enough information to fulfill the length of the paper.In a paper of this sort, you must not only report on what happened during your volunteer service, but also explain how this experience has had an impact on you.Write down details of your service event immediately after it takes place.According to generation On, an international youth service organization that encourages young people to be the solution in their communities, service learning allows students to: Alex Segreti, 9, and her sister Carly, 6, take part in many service-learning opportunities at Waldron Mercy Academy in Merion Station, PA.Whether they shop for holiday presents for less fortunate children or sing and play games with the residents of an assisted living facility, they learn about their community.By the end of ICM (and service learning), through active involvement in the surrounding community with our partners, students will be able to: One way we learn is from our experiences.However, it is not sufficient to just “do” something.Take a notebook and writing implement with you to ensure that you can jot down these notes while they are still fresh in your head.If something happens during the experience, writing it down as soon as you can will greatly enhance the content of your paper.To understand the meaning of our experiences and become more self- aware,, we must take time to reflect thoughtfully about our experiences and what they mean to us (REVIEW & REFLECT) in relationship to one’s education, professional and personal lives, and future practice.Service-learning programs provide opportunities for students to do good deeds in their communities.


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