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How to start and from where to start.should be the resources.

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There I came to know how to start, brainstorming, structuring and concluding an essay. How can we make our essay different from others etc.

After doing this exercise, now come to practice part.

In certain ways, the same principles for writing good out-of-class essays apply to writing good in-class essays as well.

For example, both kinds of essays are more successful when you take into consideration your purpose, audience and information; when you develop a thesis with support; when you prove your assertions with evidence; when you guide your readers with transitions, etc.

The prompt may use one or more of the following terms. Write out your essay, using good writing techniques.

If you see one of these terms, try to organize your essay to respond to the question or questions indicated.classify: Into what general category/categories does this idea belong? As was said earlier, essay exams are like other essays, so use the same good writing strategies you use for other kinds of writing.Make your main points stand out by writing distinct paragraphs, and indicate the relationship between them with transitions. The fourth alternative open in cases of family conflict is violence, and this is not an uncommon response. Violence usually takes one of two forms: explosive or coercive. When the son takes and crashes the family car, for instance, the father may explode and beat him. Finally, sum up your argument with a brief conclusion that lends your essay a clear sense of closure. Reserve a few minutes after completing your essay to proofread it carefully. Always answer exactly the question asked without digressing.For example, in response to this prompt from a social work class,. Coercive violence, on the other hand, is pointed and intentional; it has the goal of producing compliance or obedience. If you find you have digressed, neatly cross out the words or paragraphs.In other words, your purpose is both informative and persuasive.Keeping this purpose in mind will help you both prepare for and write the essay. Your instructor is not looking for a collection of unrelated pieces of information.Again, while you're taking the exam, remember that it's not simply what you say or how much you say, but HOW you say it that's important.You want to show your instructor that you have mastered the material. Although you will be working under pressure, take a few minutes to plan your time.Rather, he or she wants to see that you understand the whole picture, i.e., how the generalizations or concepts create the framework for the specific facts, and how the examples or details fill in the gaps.So, when you're studying, try to think about how the information fits together. Try to prepare for questions that are likely to be asked.This thought can inspire a fair amount of fear: we struggle enough with essays when they aren’t timed events based on unknown questions.The goal of this handout is to give you some easy and effective strategies that will help you take control of the situation and do your best.


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