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Alain co-founded an educational and cultural institution ‘The School of Life’ in 2008 in London.

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Alain de Bottom is a Swiss born English writer, essayist, novelist, and television presenter, best known for his works such as ‘The Architecture of Happiness’, ‘Status Anxiety’, and ‘The Consolations of Philosophy’.

Alain debuted as a writer at the age of 23 with ‘Essays in Love’, which focused on the idea and complications of love and became a best-seller.

When Chloe and the protagonist (I suppose his name is Alain — we are never completely sure of that) first met in a chapter titled “ De Botton wrote about our motivations in falling in love as a desire to invent a destiny so as to spare ourselves the anxiety that no one has written our story or assured our loves, that we are eager to locate inside another person a perfection that eludes within ourselves, and ultimately “ for instance, symbolises a choice also in the political arena.

We easily equate intimacy with a license — we care out of good intentions, we become judgmental of the false notes the other party shows, and ultimately, rosy beginnings end bloody. Arguably one thing only — the inevitability of love.

I’d first discovered its possibilities when reading Montaigne’s Essays, where the author takes the reader around some highly thought-provoking philosophical ideas, in a tome that is intimate, digressive and charming.”IN Essays in love, De Botton wrote about the philosophy of love in the form of a fiction.

Through the ordinary story of two young people, who met on an airplane from Paris to London and fell in love soon after, De Botton went into extraordinary depth in analysing the nuances, the emotional swings, the sweet and sour we all identify in a relationship.

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I looked the guy up, and found that he wrote the book at the age of 23.

While reading the book I felt an oscillation between maturity and immaturity, and I also felt that the author’s awareness of his own immaturity was also something that went up and down.


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