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Another cousin worked for British forces and moved to Manchester, where he lives with his wife thanks to a special U. “This kid Alex was a cut above the rest,” Watson said. Except for one sponsored by former cabinet minister John Mc Callum in 2016, no Afghan interpreter has entered Canada since the program was shut down.Red T, a New York-based organization representing linguists worldwide, has gone to bat for coalition translators left behind in Afghanistan.If your class is studying war and international conflicts, consider having your students learn about the war in Afghanistan.

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“Otherwise we kill your son because he is co-operating with the Infidels!

” “You AHMAD SAJAD, son of Mohammad Wali, resident of Helmand province,” began another, “we found out that you are working as a linguist with Foreigners in KANDAHAR province. “We are looking [for] you in all other provinces of Afghanistan.” It was signed Mawlawi Shir Agha Akhond, (Taliban) governor of Sangin district, Helmand, Afghanistan. Kazimi, better known to the troops he worked with by his nickname Alex, knows of several coalition interpreters killed from the time he started translating in June 2009. “The Taliban and ISIS are worse than wild animals,” he said in an interview with from Afghanistan, where he was hiding with his pregnant wife while trying to gain entry into Canada.

They hadn’t even named the child yet—they didn’t until the first birthday because infant mortality was so high.

But Ahmed was like, ‘hey, I’m ready to get to work now.’ I told him to go home. ” For Kazimi, the military work was varied and interesting, the food good and the money great—up to US$1,600 a month versus an average Afghan wage of $200. “It’s so hard to live in such an insufferable situation here in Kabul.

“Ahmed was late a lot, especially in 2006,” Watson said.

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“You had to be respectful of that because the highway between Kandahar airfield (where the Canadians were based) and the city became very, very lethal, especially in 2006-2007.“They don’t finish an interpreter’s life with just a single bullet. They only use bullets when they come after their targets into the restricted areas like cities with high security.” One translator was beheaded, his severed head left on his chest on the Kandahar-Kabul highway. A picture of him lying in peaceful repose with a single bullet hole beneath his chin appears on a Facebook page.“If he has given his life on way of allah, he would have been rewarded with janah (heaven),” wrote one commenter called Muslim Pardes, “but unfortunatly he give his life for bush and obama, who are here to kill some afghans muslims. may allah bless him with hell and give his family and relatives the hardest life on both worlds.” Canada’s former Conservative government provided refuge to interpreters facing proven threats due to the work they did for Canada in Afghanistan.“But, on the other hand, we had stuff we had to get done and, one day, Ahmed was particularly late. And I said to him, ‘Ahmed, buddy, I’m sorry, but really I need you to be a little more timely.Call me on your cellphone if you’re going to be late.’ “He’s like, ‘I’m so sorry, sir. It won’t happen again.’ I knew he had a baby girl but he hadn’t talked about her very much.The program expired in 2011 after about 800 translators and family members had resettled in Canada.Kazimi is among about three dozen believed to have slipped through the cracks.Both escaped with their lives, although one was later shot in the right hand after he was seen in a local market.Ahmed, who had survived an IED blast, acquired a U. green card in 2006 and moved his family to Brooklyn, continuing to work for coalition forces in Kandahar.The night letters started arriving at his parents’ home in Afghanistan’s Helmand province soon after Ahmad Sajad Kazimi took a job translating for Canadian and other NATO forces fighting the war on terror.“Tell your son to quit his job and stop working for coalition forces,” one said.


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