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One of the reasons why Socrates was arrested was Socrates believed that reason or nature could not tell us why the world is the way it appears.The Sophists' point of view is best summed up as this: we can never step out of the way things appear.

One of the reasons why Socrates was arrested was Socrates believed that reason or nature could not tell us why the world is the way it appears.The Sophists' point of view is best summed up as this: we can never step out of the way things appear.Although Socrates himself never claimed to have any answers to the questions he raised, his views and methods of philosophy became the foundations of what philosophy is today.

He then informs the jury that even after the aquital, he planned on continuing philosophy. Socrates argues that sentencing him to death would more or less harm the jury more than himself considering it would interfere with Socrates "divine mission" in Athens.

Socrates claims that the just man must leave politics alone.

Socrates, therefore, grew up with carving skills learnt from his father.

At first, he was enthusiastic to learn sciences due to his thirst for knowledge but he later despised sciences.

To actually think that Socrates was sentenced to death because of the way he viewed the world is insane.

Everyone has their own beliefs and ideas and because he talked of them and discussed them with other people should not have gotten him sentenced to death. I think he was a courageous person for speaking his mind rather than committing a crime.

Socrates is one of the few philosophers in history to be recognized for his work during his own lifetime.

The influence of Socrates on his fellow Greeks cannot be measured.

With lists of suggested further readings, an extensive bibliography on recent Socratic research, and an index locorum, this unique and much-needed anthology makes the study of Socratic philosophy accessible to both scholars and non-specialists. Stokes (Edd.): Socratic Questions: New Essays on the Philosophy of Socrates and its Significance.

The Philosopher, Socrates was a Greek and he was born in the proximities of 470 B. In addition to the carving skills, Socrates studied astronomy and geometry formally.


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