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The characters in Animal Farm all share a link between certain people involved during the Russian Revolution.Here is a list of characters from the book, which had things in common with some important people who played a role in the Russian Revolution.Windmill The Windmill is a symbol for Stalin’s Five-Year Plans for the National Economy of the Soviet Union.

Communism is a type of government that relies on collectivization of labor and good to equal out the classes.

In Animal Farm, Animalism is taught by Old Major who teaches that all animals are equal, just as Communism was invented by Karl Marx who says that all people are equal.

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Other types of relations Many of the events or other things in Animal Farm are represented as things in the actual Russian Revolution.

Animalism – Animalism is represented as Communism in Animal Farm.He was a pure communist who followed Marx, and wanted to improve life in Russia.When Joseph Stalin (Napoleon) rose to power, Trotsky becomes one of Stalin’s biggest enemies and was eventually expelled.Hoof & Horn – A reference to the national Soviet symbol, Hammer and Sickle.Animal Committees – A representation of the Soviet Committees.Later on in the book, the puppies are fully grown and trained to protect Napoleon.Moses the Raven – The raven Moses represents the Russian Orthodox Church.Benjamin (donkey) – Benjamin represented the skeptical people in and outside of Russia.They weren’t sure whether revolution would change anything.Old Major (pig) – He represents Karl Marx, who is one of the most famous philosophers and political theorists in history.Karl Marx is the inventor of Communism, just like Old Major, who is the ‘Father of Animalism’. Napoleon (pig) – Napoleon is Joseph Stalin, the second leader of the Soviet Union.


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