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Before they join the gang, Mike, John, Thomas, and Lorenzo spend a lot of time together.

Before they join the gang, Mike, John, Thomas, and Lorenzo spend a lot of time together.

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The past 100 years of the juvenile justice system have seen several major changes in its operation and policy (History of America's Juvenile Justice System ( History The problem of juvenile offenders is not…… Young offenders would be treated less as criminals and more as persons in need of assistance, with the state often serving as parens patriae, a de facto parent for wayward youth (Marcus, 2004, p. As effective and compassionate as the juvenile justice system in America was, recent trends in criminal justice have shifted away from separate juvenile proceedings. Retrieved online: https://org/other/aclu-fact-sheet-juvenile-justice-system Bonnie, R.

[Read More] References Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquent System ( ACLU Fact Sheet on the Juvenile Justice System of America's Juvenile Justice System ( Innovative Practices in the Criminal And Juvenile Justice Systems Report: Criminal Justice Juvenile justice Gang Control Methods Descriptions Law Enforcement Efforts The traditional police personnel from the youth unit control the gang. Retrieved from Office of Justice Programs website: https:// Details.aspx? “Tough on crime” and rhetoric of intolerance has fueled the rise of punitive measures.

Ten years after they have been released from Wilkinson, they spot Sean Nokes taking some beer in a pub down street in Hell’s Kitchen.

They confront him and tell him of what he had done to them ten years ago before shooting him six times. Therefore, it is possible that one incidence, could change a child into an adult criminal just the way Thomas and Mike changed after the torture they went through in the hands of Nokes and his co-workers.

According to this film, the juvenile justice system is inconsequential in the realms of justice.

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Justice systems are meant to correct individuals to make them better citizens who can abide to the law, not to harden them making them hardcore criminals.This gang was at the disposal of these boys and they would join anytime they wanted hence the community pushed these juveniles to join the gang.The friendship of these four boys contributed largely in their behavior.Police officers from youth or detective unit are charged with controlling activities of the gang. Retrieved September 26, 2017, from National Institute of Justice. Punitive measures, such as trying young people in the adult justice system, undermines the core values and intentions of juvenile justice. Setting up of gang unit within the police to exclusively control gang activity. Some of the guidelines have, as Mears indicates, "…veered strongly toward retribution and incapacitation." To wit, politicians run for office on promises to get tough on crime, and hence they pass laws like "three strikes" and "zero tolerance" that do not allow for sentencing that is based on the offender's age, his background, and his previous record (Riestenberg, 2006). If these boys were to join the gang individually, chances are that, they would not join it.This is because when alone, a person lacks the moral support to do something.In fact, until the end of the 19th century, juveniles in the United States who became involved with the criminal justice system were treated in the much the same fashion as adults. Juvenile Justice System - Contemporary Juvenile Justice System and Juvenile Detention Alternatives. Following events such as Columbine the American public began to demand a re-evaluation of the juvenile justice system in this nation. By the fin de siecle, reforms had been made to adjudicate youthful offenders in separate channels from adults. What many people do not know is that the American juvenile justice system has undergone many changes over the past 100 years. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 13(2), 228. According to what happens in this movie, one experience can change a child so much that he or she becomes a delinquent or an adult criminal.After Thomas and John go through the beastly treatment in the hands of Nokes and the rest, they harden to become adult criminals.


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