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If you can find an office without troublemakers, lazy workers, selfish employees, management unwilling to listen to its staff and gossip kings and queens, then we will give you a two-bit gold cigar.Let’s be honest: there’s always a fire to put out at every office, whether it is workplace harassment or team members at each other’s throats because Fred wants to use the red stapler that Samantha hogs.A case of the common cold or a case of too much work, there are innumerable examples of offices needing to get ready for both the best of times and the worst of times, like Charles Dickens. You are already backed up from other deadlines that you need to meet.

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Instead, you invoke those communication skills you have been working on for the last several months.

Studies have estimated that about one-third of workers are chronically late to work.

There are four ways to handle this matter: The way employees survive the storm is by preparing for the worst possible outcome in every circumstance.

There are many strategies you can employ, but the most important tactic is knowing how to overcome it.

You may be set in your ways, or your skills may be outdated that you may never enter the current year. Whatever you do, never take the easy answer by not taking responsibility or passing the buck by blaming everyone but yourself. It is time to take a gander at what you’re doing and brainstorm solutions to generate more sales of these costumes, toys and mousepads?

It is hard for any professional to learn and accept that they are lagging behind others. You need to approach the disease, not the symptom, with a certain kind of methodology. Example: You continue to rank last in sales of Fiffer Feffer Feff costumes, toys and mousepads. Maybe you can even work with your colleagues – this is where teamwork becomes integral to the firm.The only way to know if you are succeeding at tackling these setbacks is to establish the criteria in the first place. Every firm will have its own methodology on both how to solve problems and know if they are taking the right steps.Example: For the last two years, you have noticed your productivity slip.Yes, your employer can post constant reminders about how management can understand the occasional lateness.However, if the tardiness is perpetual, then action must be taken, including termination. Example: An internal audit has found that you’re late on average 11 minutes once a week, which is equal to about 44 minutes a month, or approximately 9 hours a year – a full workday.By the end, the person being reprimanded is punished in some way, and Alice can return to her duties without any further odious acts.By adopting these problem-solving strategies, you are not sitting idly by twiddling your thumbs.It is imperative to persevere, but that’s a hard thing to do when you are either doing the work of multiple people, or you are short on time (see above! Ultimately, when you have a major issue to resolve, you need to consider a myriad of solutions, and then outline the pros and cons of this solution.Think of it as a game of chess: you need to think several moves ahead.The excuses for being late range from public transit delays to a malfunctioning alarm clock to traffic from all the construction surrounding a single pothole.While life happens, the constant tardiness is affecting the average business – remember, time is money.


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