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Hopefully, it will make the proposal process less painful, and help you convince anyone on your team who might disagree to follow your lead. First of all, the executive summary needs a rebrand.To me, the name itself speaks of stuffy suits, boring, jargon-filled reports, and boardrooms filled with cigar smoke and people ready to say no. In all seriousness, the word “summary” can be misleading, and this is the first mistake people often make when it comes to writing their executive summary.But once I started writing a draft of the executive summary at the beginning, it was one less thing to worry about.

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The executive summary is arguably the most valuable component of any proposal, but most people are confused about its purpose.

It’s actually not about summarizing at all; it’s about selling.

Focus on the issue and the result, but be direct, concise, and evocative.

This is the time to hook them in — get them excited about what they’re going to read next.

They think that this is where you explain the entire proposal in 250 words.

That you literally ‘summarize’ the proposal by rehashing everything from page one forward.Even though you and your team spent painstaking hours writing this proposal, selecting just the right graphics, and coming up with the best solution for your client’s problem, they may only read this one page and then flip to your pricing table.The executive summary helps the client decide quickly whether they're going to read the rest of the proposal, pass it on to other decision-makers, or if it's destined for the recycle bin. This issue of whether you write the executive summary before or after the rest of the proposal is as divided as the issue of what’s better about a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, the chocolate or the peanut butter.This section of the executive summary is where you demonstrate your grasp of the situation.You could include a bit of your own research or a brief reference to your agency's experience dealing with a similar situation.Some people feel you should write the executive summary first because it can help you outline your concept and organize your thoughts for the entire proposal.That way it acts as a guide to members of your team who are tasked with preparing sections of the proposal, ensuring that everyone’s on the same page, that the big idea is consistent throughout, and that all necessary components are included.Before a client hires you, they want to know that you get them.You can’t solve a problem that you don’t understand.Its purpose is clear, its potential is huge, and putting it together can be straightforward if you change your approach and follow a few simple steps.I’ll share what I’ve learned about writing an effective executive summary for client proposals.


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