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The fourth major step in financial analysis and planning is the analysis part.When there is over spend scenario, we need to analyze what is causing overspend, which factors are driving over spend.

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Another responsibility is to ensure that management’s actions create profitability for organization by providing relevant financial information.The third major step is reporting financial information at every end of the month.Essentially reporting can be defined as providing financial information for decision making at a periodic interval of time.Our customized business plan involves preparing detailed Performa and financial projections, including a five-year cash flow, besides recommending operational, legal and marketing aspects of the business for setting short- and long-term goals.For more than 14 years, Fran Global has been serving international brands to expand and reach out to global markets.Module has templates for current ratio, production costs, cash conversion cycle, etc.Financial analysis and planning function comes within the purview of the chief financial officer.Forecasting module of the tool provides information happenings of previous financial years, broken down various cost elements.This provides organization with a trend with past results.The second major step is budgeting for management objectives.After analyzing the past trends, organizations are able to asses’ trend of expense within various cost elements.


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