Global Strategy Essays

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An Orienting Principle for Foreign Policy Stephen D.

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Corporate-level strategies affect both the internal and external functions of the organizations.

There are three types of corporate-level strategies namely value-creating, value-neutral, and value-reducing strategies.

Is it possible today to craft a single, grand strategy that would allow the United States to shape a radically changing world?

This essay series, drawing on work from the group’s first meeting on October 18, 2013, dedicates itself to that question and to examining the components and viability of such a strategy. Strategy Karl Eikenberry examines the country’s past national security strategies and finds that their articulation of American interests has been consistent since the early days of the Cold War.

This framework allows the reinforcement of quality to the small target markets.

The Lockheed Martin Group further engages corporate-level strategies.

Functional-level strategies are business frameworks that influence the alignment of management decisions to specific functional segments of the corporation.

There are several functional-level strategies at Lockheed Martin.


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