Global Warming Persuasive Essay

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There are many processes worsening the ecological situation on the planet.

In particular, the world is getting warmer and humanity is largely responsible for this, experts say.

But many factors affecting climate change have not yet been studied.

Scientists and students analyze this topic thoroughly.

In the Quaternary period, which includes our time, the content of CO2 in the air is very low.

But the pace of accumulation of this gas in the atmosphere is unprecedentedly high.That’s why most of climate change essay topics have a cautionary character.Until recently, most researchers considered the combustion of fossil fuels as almost the single reason for the CO2 increase in the air in the XIX and XX centuries.The reduction of a green cover of the planet and the burning of fuel cause an equal damage on our planet.Degradation of forests occurs on the background of excessive recreation activities and tourism, air pollution and in a number of other cases (intensive grazing, flooding of the terrain, drainage of nearby swamps, etc.).If you also got a global warming essay assignment, the facts listed below may be useful for your academic work. Without it, the temperature of the atmospheric surface layers would be on average 30 degrees below the actual one.However, in the last decades, the content of some greenhouse gases in the air has grown very much: carbon dioxide - more than 1/3, methane - in 2.5 times.When natural territories are visited by large groups of people, the lower tiers of vegetation die, a soil litter is trampled and a humus horizon suffers.Organic matter is reduced by 50% or more in parking and recreational areas.Human activity is associated with an increase in the content of methane (rice fields, livestock, leaks from gas pipelines) and nitrogen oxides.Perhaps, people do not yet have a noticeable direct effect only on the content of water vapor in the atmosphere.


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