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Using CPS data on wages of scientific personnel, this paper shows that government R&D spending raises wages significantly, particularly for scientists related to defense such as physicists and aeronautical engineers.

Because of the higher wages, conventional estimates of the effectiveness of R&D policy may be 30 to 50% too high.

there be deeper cuts in defense spending now that the Cold War is over? government sponsored or mandatory employer paid (only those businesses over 50 employees) day care be provided for children of working parents? assisted suicide for the terminally ill be legalized? all those requesting a marriage license be tested for AIDS? preferred treatment be accorded to minorities for college admission or job placement? those who lose civil suits be forced to pay for the cost of the trial?

drug testing be performed routinely on high school athletes? those sentenced to state and federal prisons be required to perform more hard labor and be restricted in access to cable televison, exercise facilities, the Internet, libraries, etc.

Write a 350- to 700-word paper about the ways in which different levels of government interrelate with each other.

Include the following points in your paper: ú Provide an example of a current event or issue where multiple governments interact on the solution. there be a nationally sponsored health care program? employers be able to test all employees randomly for drug use. a constitutional amendment be passed to deny automatic citizenship to the children of illegal aliens? English be made the official language of the United States? ú Describe the ways that those governments work together or against one another on that issue.ú Identify the advantages and disadvantages in the ways that the governments involved work together.In order to receive a passing grade in this course students must complete one of two projects. Proper citation form (in text citation and works cited page) must used. The following sheets describe the format for the research paper. It is expected that all papers will be of a quality befitting that of students in the second semester of their senior year. I will look very carefully to make sure the papers are different in these cases! burning the American flag be prohibited by a constitutional amendment? there a constitutional amendment forcing the government to have a balanced budget? presidential campaign contributions be strictly limited and/or publically funded? The results also imply that by altering the wages of scientists and engineers even for firms not receiving federal support, government funding directly crowds out private inventive activity.Bulletin on Retirement and Disability Bulletin on Health including Archive of Lists of Affiliates' Work in Medical and Other Journals with Pre-Publication Restrictions Archives of Bulletin on Aging and Health Digest — Non-technical summaries of 4-8 working papers per month Reporter — News about the Bureau and its activities.


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