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If you search for the perfect opening and delay writing until you find just the right angle, phrasing, or metaphor you may never write your graduate admissions essay.

Writer's block is common among applicants writing admissions essays.

Some graduate programs request that applicants write a more generic autobiographical statement, most often referred to as a personal statement.

A personal statement is a general statement of your background, preparation, and goals.

The other parts of your graduate school application tell the admissions committee about your grades (i.e., transcript), your academic promise (i.e., GRE scores), and what your professors think of you (i.e., recommendation letters). With so many applicants and so few slots, it's critical that graduate admissions committees learn as much as possible about applicants so as to ensure that they choose students who best fit their program and are most likely to succeed and complete a graduate degree.

Despite all of this information, the admissions committee does not learn much about you as an individual. Your admissions essay explains who you are, your goals, and the ways in which you match the graduate program to which you are applying.Graduate programs want students with clear commitment to the field.Essay prompts typically ask applicants to discuss their previous experience, future professional goals, and how the program can help them in achieving those objectives.Before you write your admissions essay you must have an understanding of your goals and how your experiences to date prepare you for pursuing your goals.A self-assessment is critical to gathering the information you need to write a comprehensive essay. How well do your interests and goals match the program?Graduate applications often ask that applicants write in response to specific statements and prompts.Most prompts ask applicants to comment on how their backgrounds have shaped their goals, describe an influential person or experience, or discuss their ultimate career goals.Granted, the argument concerns your capacities for graduate study and the outcome can determine the fate of your application. I believe this holds true for all types of writing, but especially for drafting graduate admissions essays.Many writers stare at a blank screen and wonder how to begin.Write the parts that feel natural, such as how your experiences have driven your career choices.You will heavily edit whatever you write so don't worry about how you phrase your ideas. It is easier to edit than write so your goal as you begin your admissions essay is to simply write as much as you can.


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