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In both high school and college I grew up working in restaurants. Your state may also require a business license so do your research to see if your state has that requirement. But my passion for food really started expanding when I started working in restaurants. And then, an opportunity presented itself…I became friends with a family from my son’s pre-school. My client friend told me I was crazy, but she understood. Could I really start a catering business out of my house?

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So I opted to rent a small storage unit down the street. You’ll need to think about a couple things: From there, you can start to come up with a marketing strategy.

It’s a business expense write off and I’m not stumbling over my catering equipment in my garage! Are you going to cater for large events, medium event, small events or a combination of each? For me, it was word of mouth and local advertising.

One more thing to think about…are you going to serve alcohol with your catering business? Different states have specific laws so it’s important that you understand your state’s liquor laws.

Check out this article from on the ins and outs around liquor licenses you may need.

Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and call some of your local restaurants to make an appointment to talk to their restaurant manager.

Or…if you have a relationship with a restaurant owner, talk to them about this possibility.

I lucked out on this one because when we bought our house, it came with a chef’s kitchen. But not everyone has this layout in their kitchen, so it’s something to really think about. There are several options to consider that may fit your particular need.

Do you have enough space to store ingredients and prepare food for 50 people? A lot of places are now available for you to rent a commercial kitchen for a catering job. Commercial kitchens and are commercial-grade facilities that are licensed for food service providers to prepare and store food.

You can go to the website to figure out if a license in required and if any fees are associated.

Establishing a LLC may be sufficient for your catering business. Keep in mind though, if you use the kitchen in your home to cook for your catering business, your state may require a be visible that states the preparation of food is in a location that is not inspected and subject to regulation.


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