How Not To Plagiarize In A Research Paper

How Not To Plagiarize In A Research Paper-51
Similarly, if you include information in your paper and mistakenly cite an incorrect source that is yet another form of plagiarism. Professors will probably understand that it was an honest mistake, only a minor offense, if you accidentally misunderstand the publication you try to cite and fail to cite the true source of information.HOWEVER, if you decide to be sneaky and write a lot of material that you pull out of thin air, unsubstantiated, and then add citations to random articles that may or may not support your assertions, that is absolutely going to be seen as cheating.

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The last type of plagiarism to be discussed here is the kind that occurs when a student pastes content from the Internet and fails to use " " marks to designate it as a direct quote.

This is the type of plagiarism that will be flagged by a plagiarism checker such as

You can paraphrase almost every sentence of the introduction paragraph and the conclusion paragraph.

Now, keep reading to see the most important strategies for quickly cranking out an original paper -- a paper that is already complete and needs only to be uncovered by a savvy scholar like you!

Too many students doubt their own intelligence because they cannot trek through 30 pages about the details of an original research study in a professional journal; the truth is that no one can to it unless they are trying to replicate the study, refute it, or achieve some other purpose that involves actually memorizing the details of the research study on which the findings are based.

If you read the introduction, you probably will find all the information you need in order to cite the article in your paper.

It could be accidental, but in most cases it is done because the student is too lazy to paraphrase and wants to get through the paper as quickly as possible.

Check carefully to make sure you do not leave any unoriginal content in your paper.

If you mention some information that is 'common knowledge' or if you give your own opinion about something, it is not considered plagiarism.

Most professors agree that if you commit this infraction it is absolutely inexcusable.


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