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This is a good thing, because if you want to ensure that people can always access your computer to download files, then you need to force the computer to use a static, never-changing IP address.Similarly, if you want to access your home computer while you're on trips, or your work computer when you're at home, setting up the computer to use a static IP address lets you reach that computer all the time without fearing that the address will change and block your access to it.In other words, the device receiving the static IP is given a very specific address (such as, and from then on the address will never change.

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Select the “Use the following IP address” option and type the IP address from Step 3 into the text box.

Your business likely has less than 255 devices connected to your network, so you'll only need to edit the last number.

However, if your network or computer is set up a specific way where some devices would work easier, and setup made smoother for you as the admin, if an IP address always stayed the same, then static addressing is what you want.

Static IP addresses are assigned manually by an administrator.

Most people don't really care if their IP address changes.

If you never know what your IP address is, and never have a reason to have it stay the same, then dynamic addresses are perfectly fine for you.Dynamic addressing would be much more convenient in this situation because it's easy for administrators to set up.DHCP works automatically with minimal intervention needed, allowing mobile devices to seamlessly move between different networks.Consider a shared printer as another example for when to use a static IP address.If you have a printer that everyone in your house or office needs to share, you'd give it an IP address that won't change no matter what.Every device connected to a computer network is assigned a unique IP address.Similar to a street address or email address, IP addresses help computers locate and communicate with one another.The terms were mentioned only briefly above, and that's because they're pretty simple to understand.At the core, the only real change you'll notice between static vs dynamic IP addresses is that the former never changes, while the latter does.Change it to a value higher than the maximum number of devices on the network plus one, but lower than 255.For example, if you have three computers, a printer and a scanner, any value above "6" will probably be fine, but you could use "40" or some other higher number just to be sure.


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