How To Assign Ip Address In Windows

How To Assign Ip Address In Windows-66
When this icon is right-clicked the option to open the Network and Sharing Center is given as shown below: Once the Network and Sharing Center is open there is an option which allows the change of adapter settings which is shown in the upper left hand corner of the window.

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In order to change to a static IP address the option to Use the following IP address must be selected; once this is done the option to enter the IP address parameters is enabled and the Use the following DNS server addresses option is selected.

For the purpose of this article the IP address is used with a subnet mask of and a default gateway of

That’s why the old manually may not work for a newer version of Windows 10 OS.

Sometimes in order to gain connectivity in certain networks where a DHCP server is not running, the configuration of a static IP address is required.

Select the Windows 7 Orb on the bottom left-hand corner and select the control panel option as shown below: There are several views which are available for the control panel; by default the category view is used.

When using the category view the option that you need to select is called View network status and Tasks, as highlighted below.

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The steps required to setup up a static IP address are rather straightforward, but the process is a bit different from Windows Vista and XP.

Let's go through the steps now and configure a static IPv4 address in Windows 7.


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