How To Solve Concentration Problems

How To Solve Concentration Problems-21
Using the dilution equation, we have Concentrating solutions involves removing solvent.Usually this is done by evapourating or boiling, assuming that the heat of boiling does not affect the solute.Image used with permission (CC-SA-BY-3.0 Tracy Poulsen).

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The mass percent can be expressed as a conversion factor in the form \(\frac\) or \(\frac\) For example, if you need to make \(3000.0 \: \text\) of a \(5.00\%\) solution of sodium chloride, the mass of solute needs to be determined.

SOLUTION Given: 3000.0 g Na Cl solution 5.00% Na Cl solution Find: mass of solute = ?

A dilute solution is one in which there is a small amount of solute in a given amount of solvent.

A dilute solution is a concentrated solution that has been, in essence, watered down.

The mass of the solution is mass of solution = 25.0g sugar 100.0g water = 125.0 g The percent by mass would be calculated by: \[\text = \frac \times 100\% = 20.0\% \: \text\] Example \(\Page Index\) A saline solution with a mass of 355 g has 36.5 g of Na Cl dissolved in it.

What is the mass/mass percent concentration of the solution?

Each mass must be expressed in the same units to determine the proper concentration.

Suppose that a solution was prepared by dissolving \(25.0 \: \text\) of sugar into \(100.0 \: \text\) of water.

Does an aide run to a supply cabinet and take out an IV bag containing this concentration of KCl? It is more probable that the aide must make the proper solution from an IV bag of sterile solution and a more concentrated, sterile solution, called a , of KCl.

The aide is expected to use a syringe to draw up some stock solution and inject it into the waiting IV bag and dilute it to the proper concentration. Of course, the addition of the stock solution affects the total volume of the diluted solution, but the final concentration is likely close enough even for medical purposes.


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