How To Solve Family Problems

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Both the child and the mother are less likely to do well in school and in life. And that reality is even harsher for specific groups.

Among African-Americans, the number of children born to unmarried mothers is 71 percent.

But what if our problems come not from financial shortfalls, but moral ones? This is a massive shift in any society, and it affects every aspect of society.

The overwhelming number of children born out of wedlock is one of the most obvious examples showing that our worst problems are moral, not economic. Children born to unmarried parents are more likely to live in poverty, be physically abused, and suffer from behavioral problems.

The problems of children born outside of marriage are multiplying and spreading beyond the poor and the uneducated—and across races.

How To Solve Family Problems Analyzing Essay

As the children and grandchildren of the 1960s generation now attempt to solve the social and economic problems of children born outside of marriage, once again there is a debate between those who want to solve these problems using economics and those who want to solve these problems using family virtues.

But left-wing critics blasted the report for “blaming the victim” and for emphasizing the importance of family structure. In the 1960s, when births to unmarried mothers were far fewer, those who suffered were mostly African-Americans and poor people.

The Johnson administration disowned Moynihan’s report. It was easier to view the problem in economic terms than in terms of families. The teenage mother living with her mom was the typical pattern.

This growing problem of births to unmarried mothers is not a surprise; it has been more than 50 years in the making.

Back during President Lyndon Johnson’s “War on Poverty,” it was well known that African-American families were struggling with these financial, educational and employment issues.


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