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Good writers find a way to make the dullest topics interesting, but it takes practice and patience.Some tips for enlivening content that might be inherently boring include: A nice byproduct of writing for a technical topic or industry is that—if there isn’t much in the way of existing content—you have an opportunity to set the standard within the space. in journalism and is a two-decade veteran of the newspaper industry.In a perfect world, marketers would only write about topics and industries that are thrilling, familiar, and an effortless joy to write about. Great marketers shine when they take a difficult, technical, and even a little bit boring topic and write about it creatively and with authority. If you’re writing about a successful product, there is likely someone out there who will want to read about it, no matter how obscure or uninteresting the product may seem.

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Creative writing is completely different from research papers, because the writer is given the freedom to use his or her imagination to the fullest when creating a story.

Decision makers might need less detail-oriented but more bottom-line content, or they will want copy that better explains technical nuances for their less-than-technical point of view.

IT experts may want the gory details and feel uninspired (or even insulted) with more general content.

Once you’ve figured out the technical details for writing a blog article or e-book, the next challenge is to assemble that knowledge into something that’s creative, smooth, and entertaining.

Often, this is the bigger challenge—those technical details might not be that exciting.I find that when I’m talking to a client about an e-book, I always learn something I didn’t know—no matter how much content I’ve written for that client—that I can incorporate into subsequent blog articles.Accumulated knowledge strengthens content and diminishes the need for time-consuming research later.Some people prefer writing when they are alone, while others prefer noisy surroundings to get their thought processes working.So, try experimenting with different places and you'll find the perfect spot sooner or later.Inevitably, you will need to conduct some research and maybe even seek out the help of SMEs within your organization.SME interviews are great for not only tackling the topic at hand, but for writing future content.Creative writers generally have some source of inspiration, which has inspired them to share their stories.So, find something that makes your imagination run wild.Successful inbound marketing requires you make that connection, so settling for boring, shallow content isn’t an option. Here are some strategies for writing creatively for any technical topic or industry: Knowing who you’re writing for sets the stage for inbound content, but it becomes especially important for technical topics and industries.IT professionals bring specialized expertise to everything they do—skills and knowledge that their bosses, who ultimately might be making business decisions, don’t possess.


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