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I realize that injustice and suffering in the world are too widespread to be solved through volunteer activity.Consequently, I want to attack the roots of these problems and play a more substantial role in the defense of defenseless victims. The legal profession will draw upon my interest in social justice and give me the chance to aid individuals by offering legal advice.

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A single lawyer can help some, but a law professor can inspire generations of jurists to pursue social justice.

I have always been very inquisitive and interested in the pursuit of knowledge for its own sake.

Unraveling mysteries and testing hypotheses against data is the foundation of the legal profession, and I believe that I have the temperament and cognitive capability to excel in such work.

I have gained exposure to the law through my work at the Bank of Canada as an Assistant Manager.

Currently, I devote two or three hours to the “Junior Achievement Program” in my city’s elementary school by lending my hand, my advice, and my support to the children.

These volunteer experiences have given me the chance to improve the community, but I now want to do something more substantial.

This puzzled me, and I decided to investigate the matter further.

Poring through data from the World Bank and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, I discovered that such interest rates did exist, but that they were hidden and disguised within other economic transactions.

Entering the premises, I was struck by a curious sight.

Children, obviously quite ill, were playing and laughing on the grounds and enjoying the modest toys, which had been donated to them.


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