Integration Of Psychology And Christianity Essay

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Yet, it is important that we analyze that movement in the light of the Word.

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If one has a spiritual problem they should turn to the Bible; if one has a problem such as anxiety, guilt, self-acceptance, insecurity, etc. Then there are those who would claim to be biblical counselors who simply borrow the best that psychology has to offer without actually integrating it with the Word.

Larry Crabb takes this approach which he calls "spoiling the Egyptians" (Effective Biblical Counseling, p. The following is what Crabb has spoiled from the Egyptians (secular psychologists) that he feels is necessary to his system. As we write this paper, we realize that Christian Psychology has become somewhat of a sacred cow.

However, these categories provide a basic framework to understand some of the different approaches therapists and counselors use.

Psychology, specifically psychotherapy, is one of the most controversial issues in the church today.

Can there be any fellowship between darkness and light? Well regardless of what others might say, I believe it is the teaching of psychology now prominent in the historic Christian churches of our nation.

"Psychology, since its founding roughly a century ago, has often focused on the opposite topic-namely the psychology of religious belief.

Evangelical's seem to have been polarized into one of three or four camps: Integrationists believe that since all truth is God's truth the integration of scriptural truth with psychological "truth" is no big problem.

As long as psychological "truth" does not contradict the Bible it can be trusted.

The Integrates Model for Relating Psychology and Christianity: A Critique in the Light of Biblica I Creation. Ackerman The "Integrates Model," as described by John D.

Carter and Bruce Narramore in their book The Integration of Psychology and Theology, is examined in the light of the biblical doctrine of creation.


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