Intro To Critical Thinking

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Feeling satisfied that I had intervened effectively, I stationed myself at the central desk where I could be found if anyone needed me. ” I quickly walked her back toward her assigned patient's room.

However, the terms are clearly and thoroughly explained within the text, and the index is very thorough. The exercises are excellent and would be very helpful for students to internalize correct critical thinking practices.

Because of the logical arrangement of the text and the many sub-sections, additional material should be very easy to add. I anticipate that a diligent student could learn all of the material in the text with little additional instruction. The text did not confuse terms or use inconsistent terminology, which is very important in a logic text.

IN NURSING SCHOOL, I learned about two types of thinking: There is the regular kind, and then there is critical thinking.

Although it sounds like it means thinking about important things, critical thinking really means using reflective, systematic thought processes while weighing alternatives and finding a creative solution.

Chapter 2 also covers a number of formal methods of evaluating arguments, such as Venn Diagrams and Propositional logic and the four basic truth functional connectives, but to my mind, it is much more thorough in its treatment of Informal Logic and Critical Thinking skills, than it is of formal logic.

I also appreciated that Van Cleave’s book includes exercises with answers and an index, but there is no glossary; which I personally do not find detracts from the book's comprehensiveness.

read more see less This is an excellent introductory (first-year) Logic and Critical Thinking textbook.

The book covers the important elementary information, clearly discussing such things as the purpose and basic structure of an argument; the difference between an argument and an explanation; validity; soundness; and the distinctions between an inductive and a deductive argument in accessible terms in the first chapter.


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