Invisible Man Essay Thesis

Invisible Man Essay Thesis-9
The main protagonist of this novel is metaphorically invisible, everywhere he goes because he is black and it depicts his struggle to assert and prove himself visible.

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That is why he becomes the marionette in this situation.

In fact, it becomes obvious that the amounts spent by Mr.

The narrator of the novel tells us that he is “invisible”. Rather, he feels this way because his existence is ignored by the society.

He says that “when they approach me they see only my surroundings, themselves, or figments of their imagination — indeed, everything and anything except me” (Ellison ).

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However, it can be hardly done if he lacks the real understanding of the problem.

He mentions that the fortune is pleasant but the main character, the “invisible man”, wonders how the fortune can be pleasant if his parents, grandparents and relatives experienced the hard way of life, so, the fortune is painful (Ellison n. It is not surprising that they misunderstand each other. Norton belongs to the absolutely different social layer.

The narrator describes him as “a Bostonian, smoker of cigars, teller of polite Negro stories, shrewd banker, skilled scientist, director, philanthropist, forty years a bearer of the white man’s burden, and for sixty a symbol of the Great Traditions” (Ellison ). Norton is “blind” as he cannot see the real side of the life of the Afro-Americans in the United States.

Although he spends a lot of money for charity, his good actions do not yet tell about his world outlook. Norton is the successful well-educated person but he lives in the world the reality of which is far from the reality of the Afro-Americans.


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