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Morgan was knighted by King Charles II of England and died in Jamaica a rich man.Morgan's exact date of birth is unknown, but he is believed to have been born sometime around 1635 in Monmouth County, Wales.“The introduction introduces your main idea, your key points and your purpose for writing.

He had grown legendary and soon found that he had a force of some 500 men in several ships.

He captured some prisoners in Cuba, and then he and his captains decided to attack the rich town of Portobello.

As for the conclusion, Morgan said you should leave your reader knowing why they care about your topic.

“This is your chance to leave a lasting impression.” Baker compared writing an essay to a court trial. Your thesis is the defendant, and your readers are the jury.

Use your essay to learn something new.” Campbell suggests finding an angle for your essay that fascinates you. “Don’t pressure yourself to have all the answers before you even begin,” she said. “I recommend making a list of the major ideas to be presented in the paper and decide the most effective order to present them,” Campbell said.

“A topic that holds personal interest for the writer will always be easier to write about,” she said. “Then, for each of those points, jot down the evidence you will be using to support your claim." "Check out your outline.

”I’ve seen too many papers that go on for pages without one,” she said. Morgan said you should enjoy the research process and allow yourself to follow interesting trails. Choose a method that works for you, whether it’s drawing a bubble diagram, making a chart or writing a traditional numeric outline,” Morgan said.

“Research is all about gathering sources, learning from them, and allowing them to shape your essay.” Be sure to write down all your quotes and sources, and visit the library, whether in person or online. No matter how you outline, your thesis statement needs to be front and center. “Introductions provide context for your reader and introduce the reason why you’re writing,” Morgan said.

In July 1668, Morgan took Portobello by surprise and quickly overran its meager defenses.

Not only did his men loot the town, but they essentially held it for ransom, demanding and receiving 100,000 pesos in exchange for not burning the city to the ground. The sack of Portobello resulted in huge shares of loot for everyone involved, and Morgan's fame grew even greater.


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