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The story has been presented in various ways to capture the attention of the audience and to make it interesting.Situational irony has been greatly and this essay shall discuss the use of the same.For instance, in the German / Australian Embassy in the introductory part, things turn out opposite of what was initially expected.

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For Conrad, people in plot situations, rather than plot situations themselves, are the primary concern.

Indeed, Conrad once professed that he was incapable of creating “an effective lie,” meaning a plot “that would sell and be admirable.” This is something of an exaggeration, but the fact remains that Conrad’s novels center around the solitary hero who, either by chance or by choice, is somehow alienated and set apart from his fellow people. Conrad made another contribution in shaping the modern novel: He was the forerunner (although hardly the originator) of two techniques which have found much favor and wide employment in the twentieth century novel.

More often than not, presence of a mother in law in the house causes not only conflicts but may also lead to a family breakup.

It was expected that the presence of Winnie’s mother in Mr. Nevertheless, the actions of the Winnie’s mother had far many severe consequences because due to Mr.

Readers and critics alike have come to recognize that although one of Conrad’s last novels, , was published in the early 1920’s, he is the most modern of writers in both theme and technique.

Conrad is, in fact, the architect of the modern psychological novel with its emphasis on character and character analysis.

Use of Stevie to deposit Verloc’s bomb has lead to a lot of unexpected outcome.

It does not only lead to the breakdown of the family but also to the death of some of the main characters: Mr. It is quite ironic how Conrad uses situational irony not only to maintain the tone of the story but also to make it interesting.

Verloc’s home would annoy him and cause him to hate his brother in law who was mentally disabled. Verloc taking more notice of Stevie, he used him to deposit the bomb which later caused not only his death but also the death of the husband and wife.

It was unexpected that the action of the mother in law would lead to the death of his son, his son in law and eventually his daughter.


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