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The simple words suggest how the mother feels about her child – simple and sweet.“Infant Sorrow” on the other hand is presented from the child’s point of view.I like these poems, as the delivery of their message is so powerful that, it makes you think and wonder which is correct.

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A major difference in the two poems, which affects the poet’s style reflected in the two poems, is the narration.

Infant Joy” contains dialogue that seems like the mother is imagining the child talking, and imagining what the child would say.

The words are more complex and polysyllabic, implying the child’s feelings of insecurity in the “dangerous world” outside.

Thoughts like “My mother groan’d, my father wept” showed the mixed emotions the child was having as to being born in this world. However, “Infant Sorrow” has actions and also generates a feeling of struggle through its use of harsh adjectives such as “struggling” and “leapt”.

In this book, as a child, the girls are ashamed of their mothers, but they do not deal seriously.

"I can not speak to my father, how can I tell him that my mother is strange?" The complexity, mother-daughter relationship from the beginning of the mother-daughter relationship in Amy's Xifu club is complicated.Amy Tan's book "Joy Luck Club" is a good example of mother-child relationship.Blake’s “Infant Joy” and “Infant Sorrow” are poems about life.They show the growth in relationship between a child and his/her parents from different perspectives.However, I feel that the main theme of both the poems is individualism.It is interesting how both of Blake’s poems are talking about the same event – the infancy phase of journey called life, but both the poems describe it in their own personal style. I think that it is the unique and intriguing way these poems depict the same event but present contrasting ideas.Blake creates this seen when he shows the child wailing and striving against the mother reaching for it.However, in “Infant Joy”, the child is calm and placid resting in its mothers arms.Daughters and mothers of happy clubs, they will be more grateful to their parents when their children become adults.At "Happy Club", the attitude towards the mothers of the four daughters changed with the maturity of the girls, and eventually I realized that the mother's differences did not change much.


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