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Together, they cited information from 12 How's Content Management Team carefully monitors the work from our editorial staff to ensure that each article meets our high How marks an article as reader-approved once it receives enough positive feedback.So it makes sense to think of every comma as a one-second pause and every period as a two-second pause. This goes back to that Kurt Vonnegut quote at the top of this story.

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This survey found that 54% of respondents reported verbally abusing their computers, and 40% reported that they had become physically violent toward their computers.

The survey also found that most users experienced computer rage three to four times a month.

Consider that roughly 88% of Americans have high school diplomas, but only around 32% have finished college.

So along with avoiding what I like to call “ words,” like braggadocio, schadenfreude and despoil, sentence length is critical.

A sixth grader could read this piece without issue! But don’t you ever, ever use a semicolon to join them.

If you don’t have Microsoft Word, you can access a free Flesch-Kincaid tool here. Whom would you rather offend, the grammarian who longs for variety in your punctuation, or the average dude who just wants to be informed, entertained or persuaded?

German police were sympathetic and did not press charges, stating "Who hasn't felt like doing that?

" Other instances of reported computer rage have ranged from a restaurant owner who threw his laptop into a deep fryer, to an individual who threw his computer out the window, but forgot that the window was closed.


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