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No teacher enjoys returning a composition filled with red marks.Consequently, most teachers would welcome help from parents even if it only involves increasing the student’s output.Students have left my classroom as better writers and students have left my classroom as better editors and students have left my classroom with better test scores. But if students leave my classroom as better people, then maybe I have truly done the job that I’m supposed to do.

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I don’t give them a specific topic because each student walks away from each interview with a different takeaway and a different emotional response.

However, students could be assigned to write about several lessons they learned or ways society has changed or answers that most surprised them.

Most sixteen-year-olds, even the most diligent and scholarly, might choose sleeping, eating, or dating over writing a detailed literary analysis for English class, and I understand this. It is an incredible way for your child to disconnect from technology, practice face-to-face communication skills, and LEARN really important historical information. Or trust Adam, one of my amazing students: Or believe Amarah, another one of my incredible students: I even completed this project myself after assigning it to my students several years ago.

I also live with two wonderful tween/teen boys, and I'm fully aware that teenagers feel smarter in high school than they will feel at any other point in their lives. It can strengthen family relationships and may even help students retain some academic skills over the summer. I encourage to assign your own children or grandchildren this project over the summer months. I interviewed my own grandmother using the original assignment, which led me to continue calling her to ask her more questions that had not been on the list.

As Children proceed through the elementary grades, some class and home assignments will gradually begin to involve creative writing-first sentences, then paragraphs, and finally short essays.

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It is possible that the assignments will be difficult for some children, and there is a good reason for this.Throughout the past fourteen years, I have asked students to complete hundreds, maybe even thousands, of assignments.Bright-eyed, inquisitive teenagers have stuffed the work into backpacks and recorded due dates in tattered planners before rushing to the next class.At that glorious age, we just don't yet know how much we don't know. I receive actual thank you notes from my students for assigning this senior citizen interview project. Now that I’ve gotten you really excited about this project, you may be expecting your kids to feel excited about this, too. Eventually this morphed into a binder that included my grandmother’s answers, my family’s special personal memories, photos, and recipes compiled as a gift for my grandmother for Christmas.Maybe they will cheer and share smiles and warm bear hugs when you tell them that you found this great summer homework idea on a random teacher’s blog on the Internet! I read through that book this morning while preparing this blog, and it remains one of my favorite gifts and keepsakes ever, especially now that my grandmother has passed. Schedule a time for your children to interview a senior citizen.I was going to ask her to transcribe it for me, but before I knew it I had listened to the full twenty-six minutes!(I had over 100 to grade, so assessing audio recordings was not time efficient.) Listening to her interact with her grandfather was incredibly engaging.For example, asking about how weddings and marriage have changed can spark a very interesting conversation with some interviewees, while that question might be too painful for others. I’m adding extra questions here so that you have plenty to choose from.Encourage your children to ask follow-up questions or to ask for more explanation. This list has been edited and revised multiple times since 2001, so I don’t recall which questions I created, which ones I added from other sources, and which ones were from the original assignment created by a teacher at A. Brown High School in Kannapolis North Carolina where I taught many years ago. Maybe your child could type the interview and share it with someone else who will appreciate it, if the interviewee doesn’t mind sharing.Then suddenly this neglected skill becomes a very important component of assignments in the upper elementary grades.Creative writing assignments require a tot of time, not only from the student but from the teacher as well, who must grade for content, grammar, spelling, and punctuation.


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