Kite Runner Conflict Essay

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Amir is not feeling loyal for not doing anything about watching Hassan get raped so he throws a pomegranate at Hassan to provoke him. Baba is self-centered which is why he would rather be loyal to himself and betray those around him.

He does not like how Amir turned out and wants him to have a childhood like he did.

When Hassan is being accused he is also betraying himself by taking the fall for something he did not do.

After many years, Hassan is still loyal to Amir and decides to take care of his house but is later betrayed.

Hassan is being loyal to Amir’s family by keeping the house in good shape but is later killed and betrayed which later on affects his son’s relationships.

Overall he is being true to himself in the end and as a result he ends up with a family but he and his wife face the ultimate price of being too loyal which is death.In “The Kite Runner Khaled Hosseini highlights the inner conflict that involves the struggle between being true to oneself and being true to one’s heritage, some characters deal successfully with this conflict where as others falter and their relationships suffer as a result.In the novel, Hassan does not realize that when he is being loyal to Amir, he is also being betrayed.In “The Kite Runner , some characters do not realize that loyalty and betrayal co-exist but some characters learn this as the novel develops.Hassan displays his blunt loyalty but his friend later betrays him.The real conflict is between truth and lies” (Ruiz).Many conflicts are faced by the protagonists in Khaled Hosseini’s writing of The Kite Runner, where the protagonists: Amir and Hassan must survive an ever changing cultural landscape; where corrupt governments and deceit are commonplace.“Did you steal that money Did you steal Amir’s watch, Hassan (Hosseini, 111).In this scene, Amir thinks his plan is going to fail but is surprised to see Hassan maintain his loyalty after being accused.Amir Khan faces many conflicts within himself and conflicts with his encounters with others after he witnesses the rape of his friend Hassan.The aftermath of Hassan’s rape, negatively affects Amir and he wishes that he did not witness it.


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