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And I was flying out to California to take the exam, so I could get back home to DC more quickly.

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If you want to practice law in California, you have to take and pass the California bar exam.

One way out of taking the bar would have been to rely on the federal practice exception.

Technically, state bars can't really regulate purely federal law practice in their states.

If you're a member of the United States Supreme Court bar, for example, in theory you could go to any state and maintain a U. Supreme Court practice there without needing a state bar membership.

For me, at least, the fastest way to learn a new area of law is to first learn what the law is trying to do.

Most fields of law are trying to achieve some goals or balance some interests in a way that you can state in a sentence or two.The multiple choice Multistate Bar Exam only covers seven topics that are 1L and core subjects.Knowing that lets you focus your efforts; you know you'll be tested on those subjects.In contrast, the essay exam draws from all of the topics, and the only subject that always appears is something on Professional Responsibility.That meant you had to spread your efforts out widely, as you mostly had no idea which of the many topics might be tested.And although I had once studied 1L subjects like Property and Contracts, that was over twenty years ago. Professors twenty years out are in a different place.We know an insane amount about a few topics, but next to nothing about others.But from my odd perspective, at least, it was frustrating.I was interested to see, when I signed up to take the bar, if it would be as stressful as it had been the first time.The sort-of good news is that I was able to take an additionally shortened exam, the Attorney's Exam, that California permits for lawyers who have been practicing elsewhere for a few years. It's the regular written essay exam minus the multiple choice Multistate Bar Exam.You show up for the first day and take the essays, and you don't have to take the second day that is the multiple choice part.


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