Maddow Dissertation

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What else it contains can vary by discipline and level.

Your department should provide instructions for the format of the title page.

As well as setting out the method used, this section should also explain why it has been chosen in preference over other methods, and how it was deployed in the substantive research.

Also remember to discuss any questions of research ethics which arise.

In some disciplines, it is also appropriate to point out possible “real world” applications and implications of your research.

A conclusion can also open out onto areas which have been bracketed in the main body for reasons of length.Especially at lower levels such as BA, many dissertations consist of secondary research (drawing new conclusions from already published primary research), or even tertiary research (assessing existing secondary research, such as surveying the impact of an author’s research in the literature).Every dissertation includes one or more substantive chapters, an introduction and conclusion.The introduction should explain the basic outline of what you are doing in the dissertation, why you have chosen this topic and how the dissertation is structured.It is common for introductions to situate the dissertation briefly in the wider field or in relation to contemporary issues, and for it to lay out what will be done in each chapter or section.Many departments require that the final dissertation be submitted in a specific style such as Harvard or Oxford Referencing.Your conclusion should summarise the points made in the argument and provide a synthesis of thought on the main thesis.Ideally it should evolve as your dissertation does and even when you are making notes you should record sources consulted. Again, remember to check your institution’s style guide for referencing. In quantitative research, the chapters usually consist of a presentation of the research hypothesis and its operationalisation, followed by a presentation of the outcomes, followed by one or more chapters interpreting the outcomes.In other dissertations, it is common for each chapter to deal with a different sub-topic within the overall topic, such as a different case-study, a different set of interview questions or different grounds for comparison of cases.


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