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It may help to use the periodic table to determine whether a substance is an element. Define the terms Complete each sentence with the appropriate term. Soil: Soil contains air, minerals, water, and organic matter.

Match the words in the left-hand column with the appropriate blank in the sentences in the right-hand column. Heterogeneous mixtures contain two or more atoms or compounds in variable proportions and do not have uniform composition. Compounds contain two or more elements combined in a fixed proportion. Homogeneous mixtures contain two or more atoms or compounds in variable proportions and have a composition that is the same throughout. Sulfur trioxide: Sulfur trioxide has the formula SO3 .

Hot coffee: Hot coffee is typically prepared by steeping ground coffee in hot water and then removing the spent coffee grounds.

Gold: Gold is a soft yellow metal that is a good thermal conductor. Sugar: Table sugar (sucrose) has the chemical formula C12 H22 O11 .

ANSWER: Black ice is neither a chemical change nor a physical change. Black ice is both a chemical change and a physical change. Correct Item 3 Matter has both physical and chemical properties and can undergo physical or chemical changes.

Physical properties are those that a substance displays without changing its composition, whereas chemical properties are evident only during a chemical change (also called a chemical reaction).For example, when iron rusts, the iron atoms combine with oxygen atoms to form a new substance, iron oxide. Classify descriptions as applying to physical changes or chemical changes Classify the following descriptions by whether they apply to physical changes or chemical changes. ANSWER: Reset Physical changes Help Chemical changes change in composition phase change chemical reaction no new substance produced new substance produced ANSWER: Reset Physical change slicing a banana Chemical change condensation of water vapors tearing aluminum foil carving wax bleaching hair silver tarnishing burning paper frying a chicken Correct When tarnish forms on silver, the outer layer of silver atoms has reacted with sulfur to become a new substance, silver sulfide. You received 14 out of a possible total of 14 points.Part B Classify each of the properties as a physical property or a chemical property. In addition, mixtures do not have constant composition. Explanation of the different examples of matter The eleven examples of matter in this item are the following: Air: Air is composed of about 78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen, with traces of argon, carbon dioxide, and other gases. Salt water: Salt water is water that contains dissolved salt.Then, further classify each pure substance as either an element or a compound, and classify each mixture as either a heterogeneous mixture or a homogeneous mixture. Classify each type of matter as a pure substance or a mixture Classify each type of matter as a pure substance or a mixture. Banana juice with pulp: Banana juice with pulp contains liquid juice, which is mostly water, and some of the fruit solids (pulp).If it can't figure out what you entered, it will let you know and give you another chance.These exercises were chosen specifically to lead you through the key features of Mastering and are not intended to test your knowledge of any specific subject material.Calcium: Calcium is a moderately hard, silvery alkaline earth metal.Distilled water: Water has the chemical formula H2 O.Homework items typically have an introduction, possibly figures, and one or more parts for you to answer.Type of help offered • Mastering tells you immediately whether or not your answers are correct.


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