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Maria da Graça Ferraz de Almeida Prado Winner of the Prize for Excellent Dissertation Development Managment 2015-IE (PDF) Breaking Out Of the Middle-Income Trap: Assessing the Role of Structural Transformation.

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In one of the boxes, search any field for san francisco state university theses, and in the other box, search any field for whatever you are looking for: keyword, author, title, etc.These offer a useful guide to current students on how to prepare and write a high calibre dissertation. : A Review of Conditionality Compliance Mechanisms on School Attendance Under Conditional Cash Transfer Programs Jonathan Rothwell Best Dissertation Prize African Development 2018-LD (PDF) A Feminist Perspective On Burundi's Land Reform Ladd Serwat Best Overall Performance African Development 2018-KL (PDF) Decentralisation: Road to Development or Bridge to Nowhere?Estimating the Effect of Devolution on Infrastructure Spending in Kenya Kurtis Lockhart Best Dissertation Prize and Mayling Birney Prize for Best Overall Performance Development Management 2018-OS (PDF) From Accountability to Quality: Evaluating the Role of the State in Monitoring Low-Cost Private Schools in Uganda and Kenya Oceane Suquet Mayling Birney Prize for Best Overall Performance Development Management 2018-LN (PDF) Water to War: An Analysis of Drought, Water Scarcity and Social Mobilization in Syria Lian Najjar Best Dissertation Prize International Development and Humanitarian Emergencies 2018-IS (PDF) “As devastating as any war”?With your permission, the electronic copy is downloadable by the public.You can also indicate whether there should be an "embargo" period before the electronic copy becomes available to download.Anni Kasari Excellent Dissertation and Best Overall Performance Development Management 2014-EL (PDF) Treaty Shopping in International Investment Arbitration: how often has it occurred and how has it been perceived by tribunals?Eunjung Lee Joint Winner of the Prize for Best Dissertation Development Management 2013-SB (PDF) Refining Oil - A Way Out of the Resource Curse?The case of Paraguay and its transition to a competitive electoral democracy.Dominica Zavala Zubizarreta Joint Winner of the Prize for Excellent Dissertation Development Management WP143 (PDF) Enabling Productive Entrepreneurship in Developing Countries: Critical issues in policy design.A Critical Discourse Analysis of the Representation of Women in Climate Change Campaigns.Catherine Flanagan Joint Winner of the Prize for Excellent Dissertation Development Studies WP144 (PDF) Disentangling the fall of a 'Dominant-Hegemonic Party Rule'.


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