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The action takes place in Vienna, which is in northeastern Austria between the Alps and the Carpathian mountains.

Oddly, though, many of the characters have names associated with southern European countries, especially Italy.

Although he has announced that he is going to Poland on state business, Vincentio travels instead to a monastery.

There, a priest, Friar Thomas, agrees to provide him a hooded monks robe to serve as his disguise when he returns to Vienna.

A moment later, Angelosmitten with Isabellas lovelinesshas second thoughts and tells her, I will bethink me: come again tomorrow (2.2.173).

When she leaves, Angelos libido quickens as he says that this virtuous maid / Subdues me quite (2.2.219-220).

However, her coldness may well be understandable in a society that treats women as objects for sexual gratification.

A fantastic (eccentric in dress, behavior, etc.) who is Claudio's friend.

She absolutely refuses, even though Angelo has promised to spare Claudio if she yields her body to him.

Her seemingly cold demeanor offsets her many other commendable qualities, according to some Shakespeare critics.


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