Million Dollar Math Problem Solved

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Here's a brief overview of the recent progress on the BSD conjecture.In particular, at least 66.48% of elliptic curves satisfy the rank part of the BSD conjecture and have finite Tate–Shafarevich group.Georg Friedrich Bernhard Riemann first came up with the Riemann Hypothesis 160 years ago.

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Many have concluded that no function with these properties can exist.

People also found his proof very vague and anything but a proof.“I think it’s just the challenge, I think most mathematicians and really most people just like the challenge of solving a problem if they think there’s an answer out there,” said Ginger Harrell, mathematics teacher at Athens Drive.

Students in school should not worry about their math curriculum getting changed once again as some of these millennium problems get solved.

These problems have less of an effect on students and school than they do on more real world situations.

I think these prizes do more harm than good by focusing attention on winning a prize rather than advancing the field.

When the Poincare Conjecture was solved, all the media talked about was the prize, which was the least important thing about it.

There will still be a wait to see if Atiyah has truly solved the hypothesis.

The rules on being awarded the prize money is posted on CMI’s website.

The general rules are: the proof must be published in a qualifying outlet, two years must have passed since publication and the solution must have general acceptance from the global mathematics community.

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