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The first characteristic that all effective leaders must develop is the ability to nurture ongoing and interactive relationships.To develop in this area, I have drawn four guidelines that I must follow: Allow for an equal exchange of ideas: By doing so the people I work with will feel comfortable speaking up.This will ensure that I earn the respect of the staff.

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I realize that as a leader, it's important that I practice what I preach.

It is the epitome of leading when talk and actions fuse.

In some cases people are fearful of the evil power that malevolent leaders seem to possess.

In other cases, frustration has surfaced when trust has been misplaced in individuals who've shirked their duties and let their constituents down.

It is precisely at times like these, times of great change, upheaval, and questionable integrity, that organizations need leaders and not just managers.

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Having acknowledged the importance of leadership, I realize that leaders begin as individuals who work and deal with others in society.

Leaders bolster integrity: The final reason why leaders are so vital today is the ongoing concern society has over integrity.

There is general disillusionment with many leaders.

Being inconsiderate of employees' needs puts my success as a leader at risk because the employees won't be motivated to go the extra mile when it's needed.

Meet the needs of the employees: By doing so, I will demonstrate that I am willing to take action, when necessary, to ensure that the employees are better able to do their jobs.


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