Narrative Essay Outline Examples

To write a good narrative essay, you can use common guidelines for writing any type of essay: descriptive essay, expository essay or reflective essay.However, we would like to share some specific guidelines on how to write a good narrative essay: Try to convert your personal experience into a good story.Our narrative writers provide only high-quality narrative essay help. Do you think that writing a good narrative essay takes much time? A narrative essay is an obligatory part of any literature course at the majority of high schools and colleges.

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A narrative essay outline has a thesis statement specifying a clear argument.

“I have studied French hard and now I am fluent in it.” A good essay writer is supposed to start his work on the essay with a topic sentence.

After the setting exposition and characters are clearly defined, the writer fills the unknown areas of the main character’s life with the argument, antagonists, complicated situation, and actions.

“The central argument in the essay is the fact that Chris cannot speak French even though his vocabulary is rich and he knows all the grammar rules.” You can also add to your outline, “In addition, he is constantly heckled by a class bully, Jeff Waldow.” The outline has the aim of showing not only the very conflict but also the leading antagonist.

Marine goes on a date with Jeff.” The climax is a point of the greatest tension in a narrative leading towards the resolution – the final and one of the most important parts of the essay outline.

“Marine realizes that Chris is special and she sees him now in a new way.” A narrative essay can also end unhappily.

Sometimes writers suddenly get inspiration out of nowhere and are eager to write all the ideas down.

However, even the most inspired writers should follow the basic rules in order not to come to a dead end.

It is not enough just to express your point of view.

Try to support your thesis statement with good arguments.


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